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Charting culture

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This animation distils hundreds of years of culture into just five minutes. A team of historians and scientists wanted to map cultural mobility, so they tracked the births and deaths of notable individuals like David, King of Israel, and Leonardo da Vinci, from 600 BC to the present day. Using them as a proxy for skills and ideas, their map reveals intellectual hotspots and tracks how empires rise and crumble.
The information comes from Freebase, a Google-owned database of well-known people and places, and other catalogues of notable individuals. The visualization was created by Maximilian Schich (University of Texas at Dallas) and Mauro Martino (IBM).

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Global weather reconstructions

By | Allgemein | No Comments is where you can help improve reconstructions of past weather and climate across the world by finding and recording historical weather observations in handwritten Royal Navy ship logs.

In this video project scientists explain how they use old weather data to reconstruct weather in the past.

RIXC Art and Science 2015 festival, Riga

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On its 17th edition, previosly known as the „Art+Communication“, the RIXC’s annual festival manifests the „post-media“ situation by changing its title and focus. From the festival’s initial focus on implications of information & communication technologies, it now makes a shift to broader and more contemporary discourse on art and science, culture and sustainability, with particular interest on exploring and building „techno-ecological“ perspective.

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CYBORG: Hacktivists, Freaks and Hybrid Uprisings am 29./30. Mai 2015 in Berlin

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Second Event of the Disruption Network Lab In cooperation with Kunstraum Kreuzberg /Bethanien.

This two days event presents keynote speeches, panels and live cinema connected with the understanding of cyborg identities, while exposing power structures embedded in technology and our everyday life. The event is built around the international book launch of The Cyborg: A Study of the Artificial Man, written by political Sci-Fi theorist Antonio Caronia (Genoa, 1944 – Milan, 2013), published by Meson Press / Hybrid Publishing Lab, Leuphana University of Lüneburg. Starting from the book of Caronia and going beyond it, the analysis will culminate discussing the most recent frontiers of biotechnology and transhumanism.

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Visualising Information for Advocacy

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„Visualising Information for Advocacy“ is a book about how advocates and activists use visual elements in their campaigns. This 160-page guide features nearly 50 case studies from around the world to provide an introduction to understanding visual information and a framework for using images for influence. For more information please visit

Graphic Recorder – Mal mir eine Konferenz

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KaSP Graphic Recording Recorder

Nicht grübeln, spontan zeichnen! Dass Zuhörer bei Vorträgen wegdämmern, verhindern Spezialisten wie Mathias Weitbrecht und Malte von Tiesenhausen. Als „Graphic Recorder“ übersetzen sie blitzschnell komplexe Inhalte in bunte Bilder. Den gesamten Artikel finden Sie auf SPON.

Adrenalin – A unique exploration of a Formula One engine

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Walnut exaust 005

Artist Angela Palmer was given unprecedented access to the highly secretive world of Formula One engineering to realise the extraordinary collection of sculptures. In collaboration with Renault Sport F1, the artist deconstructed the world’s most successful F1 engine, the RS27, with the help of their pioneering engineers at their F1 laboratories in Paris. Read More