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Dates and Events

1.-3. Juli 2014

Port of Knowledge

Under the umbrella “Port of Knowledge”, for three days Kiel presented a lively transaction place specifically for the use of knowledge that is relevant for practice and research. In different events, science and network management approaches, subject exchange with the design areas, as well as the experience of new forms of work were presented and discussed. The individual events were bridged by the topic “Experience science. share. design.” program

01.07.2014 Dienstag, Trading Place

Trading Place

The topic “experience science. share. design. “ also lays out a course of action for a new kind of all-day format, with which the Port of Knowledge 2014 will be opened in the science centre Kiel on July 1, 2014.
With one company contribution each from Schleswig Holstein and Denmark there are two authentic examples for knowledge-driven company development and innovation in the program. Following this, Jörg Rainer Noennig (TU Dresden), Rosan Chow (Muthesius Academy of Fine Arts and Design Kiel), Stephan Raimer, (oose Innovative Informatik GmbH Hamburg) und Susanne W. Borg (Syddansk Universitet Kolding) will provide ideas and thoughts with surprising highlights. Scientific contributions offer the necessary orientation for how, coming from the old world, we should face today’s new world. We will develop the necessary hand tools during the joint workshop in the afternoon, before the after-work-session with networking will begin.
Organizers/cooperation partners: Science Centre Kiel GmbH, University of Applied Sciences Kiel, Muthesius Academy of Fine Art and Design, Syddansk Universitet Kolding, Business Kolding
Society for Science management e.V (GfWM)

02./03.07.2014, Mittwoch und Donnerstag, Dock of Learning

Dock of Learning – Design from, as and beyond Knowledge

The “Dock of Learning“ will reflect on the interweaving of design and knowledge generation and debate the targeted design of knowledge flow.

The Muthesius Academy is the first art university to become a member of an excellence cluster. The symposium has set the goal of building on knowledge already gained and expanding on this knowledge. The idea here is the interweaving of research, teaching and practice in design. Aside from medical science, there are practically no academic disciplines which systematically practice all three elements. But even there knowledge flow does not happen automatically and must therefore be guided in a targeted way. Much has been said about this in design research already, and much has been done, still design research at times pays little attention to knowledge flow.
Together with our guest speakers (Prof. Björn Franke, Prof. Michael Hohl, Prof. Wolfgang Jonas, Prof. Gavin Melles, Prof. Felicidad Romero-Tejedor, Dr. René Spitz, und Prof. Peter Friedrich Stephan) we would like to reflect on the link between design and knowledge creation and its exchange and use and to debate how all of this can be represented and established in research, teaching and practice.
Organizer/Collaboration partner: Muthesius Academy of Art and Design Kiel/ Science Centre Kiel

02.07.2014, Mittwoch, CoworkingDay Co-working Day

The Co-working Day offers representatives from companies, the self-employed, start ups and founder teams, as well as all those who are working on a project of their own, an extraordinary working day.
Participants from different companies and projects work an entire day together in the Science Centre Kiel, inspire each other and support each other. Challenges can be discussed together and new business relationships are only a seat away. Networking between young startups and experienced company representatives comes alive!

02.07.2014, Mittwoch, Pier of Data

Pier of Data – Knowledge Sharing the other way around

Whereas the trend of sharing knowledge is free, the discipline of the market and competence researchers (competitive intelligence) call for protecting one’s own knowledge. But on the other hand, knowledge must be generated from market players. The question is: How?

Efficient processes (tasks) in industry require optimal integration of external and internal information/data. Only an intelligent interplay of both of the disciplines “competitive intelligence (CI)” and “knowledge management (KM)” allow companies to master existing challenges in competition and knowledge not only in the present but also to set the business course for the future.

The workshop gives the participants the basic knowledge and an introduction based on practical examples in the range of topics as well as first considerations on how they could be implemented in their own company/institution.
This requires as a basis functioning information management, so that the data and information driven tasks within competitive intelligence and knowledge management are of use for operations.
An optimal digital interplay of this information and data in the disciplines named (CI and KM) is essential for competitive ability of a market player.

Organizer/Collaboration partner: German Competitive Intelligence Forum (dcif) e. V., Butzbach