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The core research area Science Visualization (SCI.VI.) is closely connected to teaching at Muthesius Academy of Fine Arts and Design. There are thematic interfaces with the masters studies programs interactive information design, film/time based media, as well as spatial strategies. Additionally, lectures and projects are offered which focus mainly on cooperation with scientists from other faculties.

MA Interactive Information Design

The subject area interactive media deals with the conceptual, communication-specific and technical design of interactive and interconnected media.


MA Spatial Design

The MA program spatial strategies deals with the topic of space in its entire range – its production, appropriation and design in the sense of an expanded, dynamic concept of space.


MA Film and Time Based Media

The curious glance at our own view, with enthusiasm and criticism, a self-created distance, allows us to scratch the surface of our own pictures.


Sci.Vi. Lectures

A specific view on the phenomenon of science visualization: dealing with scientific works in an artistic-creative way and reflecting on the knowledge gained through this.