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Education // MA Spacial Design

The M.A. program Spatial Strategies deals with the topic of space in its entire range – its production, appropriation and design in the sense of an expanded, dynamic concept of space. As a decisive location of cultural experience (spatial turn) space is understood as space of action, whose dimensions stretch from multidimensional events between suggestion, immersion and manipulation to critical-artistic analyses and interventions. The curriculum is oriented towards interfaces, i.e. courses in the areas of art and design at the Muthesius Academy of Fine Arts and Design and from its external network are integrated.

> Space and  Scenography / Szenografie und Raum
> Research based Spatial Intervention / Forschen und Intervenieren im Raum
> Space and  Scenography / Szenografie und Raum

Content-wise the focus of the specialization lies on scenic design and space staging with the help of new media. The aim is a topic-oriented design of communication and interaction spaces.

To develop concepts for such spaces and their use as “locations for emotional learning” and to implement them professionally is the key competence of the designers educated here. This entails both interdisciplinary artistic and scientific project development, as well as the individual discussion of different space phenomena as a form of intervention in existent space structures which generate new concepts for space and usage. With the help of reactive media, interfaces and interferences of imaginary and real environments are allowed and provoked.

Here the entanglement, in constructed rooms as well as in the gradually developing urban space, of imaging processes with the architectonic space constitute the starting point for a discussion of the relation between real and virtual spaces. Another important element are the significantly increasing virtual spaces for communication and their relation to real space. In design oriented towards scenography, new spaces for communication and interaction can be developed in orientation to topics with artistic and scientific intention and – come alive.